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Arrived a day late. The Connect bus service from the airport was having a three hour break so took a $62 taxi to my Airbnb hosts place. Great. They welcomed me reluctantly then I realised why. They didn't know how I  ended up being late so I explained and apologised and I mentally relinquished my right to any refund from them for the first night of accommodation that I missed. Which sucks but hey.
The first evening I just took a picnic by the beach and watched the sunset and swatted flies. Thankfully someone said to me "the flies are bad tonight" so I didn't feel like I was the only one attracting them.
People generally talk to me and to each other, which is a bit different to what I'm used to. A lady who had taken her five or so dogs out for a walk in the local golf club in her nighty said "Beautiful evening, isn't it?" and then we started chatting. She told me her husband was Greek and his name was Stavros. Ha. She did speak of him in the past tense but I didn't pry. She started talking about being against immigration and how "well off middle Eastern men come here and get everything the states give them and get plastic surgery on their face" but she was for immigration "for the Cambodian people because they really need it, you know". Then she suggested I contact the Greek expats so they could show me around. I said, I wanted to meet Aussies, not Greeks. "But they're Aussies, you know!". She said she'd drop her business card in my hosts' letterbox so she could take me for a coffee. Hope she hasn't and I'm not mentioning this to my hosts.
There's all sorts of animals here that are out of the ordinary ranging from the dog of the house that guards me sleeping outside my door and wants a belly rub when I'm home to the crows that are abundant like nobody's business and go meow. Yes, they do. Meow like a cat on heat or one that's having an argument. Most amusing.
What's amusing me also is the plastic currency notes that have Lizzie on them. I keep thinking of them as pounds but they're dollars.
A not so amusing thing is how dark the streets are out here in the suburbs. There are big arse houses with gardens front and back, a strip of pavement right outside then a massive trip of grass and then the road. I mean it's nice and all but there are no street lights at night so it's kind of like a scary adventure getting home even from the station that's diagonally across the road.
Let's talk about city-wide WiFi. Yes, you read that right. Perth wins the internet so far. Perth City Council offers free WiFi across the city (OK you won't get it everywhere but it's still a very nice thing to have!). A* from me.
I went to an Indian Vegetarian restaurant last night by the river that's run by volunteers. It's an eat as much as you want buffet and pay as much as you feel it's worth. They had aubergines. MY FAVOURITE. It was delicious.
I've named Perth a "Victoriana theme park" with a healthy dose of skyscraper. It really looks like Disneyland. Well, Victorialand. All these colonial buildings that would sit well either in seaside England or far West. And then the skyscrapers next to them reminding you where you really are. My host told me there's plenty more near here in Peppermint Grove (or Peppie Grove) and I'm going to visit tomorrow.
When I visited Kings Park, which is pretty amazing and set atop a hill, I went up steep Mount Street. I saw some girls running down and an elderly gent really giving it his all uphill on his bike. Little did I know, they were using this stretch as exercise terrain! The girls starting running upwards and the man run down on his bike and started climbing again. And to top that off, around the corner, there was a set of stairs that were being used for the same purpose. People going up and down; running, walking, holding dumbbells. CRAZY.
Perth is nice. 

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Does look nice! Enjoy! Barbara